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Nursing and positioning pillow

This pillow (with polypropylene filling) is especially suitable for pregnancy, birth, breast-feeding or simply for relaxation for mother and child. But it also makes many different kinds of stabilised positioning possible for the person in care, permits individual movements and promotes own-body perception.


BackGym – The posture trainer

BackGym trains the authentic posture without upholding support. It exerts a definite tension to the shoudler girdle. Through this tension the shoudler girdle is pulled back slightly, so that the carrier  gets a natural, upright posture.


Biolyt Nature Scar Creme

Vitalization and harmonization of skin and scar: Nourishes the skin with selected fragment. The natural flexibility and vitality of the skin is restored. It is excellent fort he treatment of fresh and older scars.


Badger Sore Muscle Rub Creme

Mild heat taht soothes muscles. Ingredients: Olive oil, castor oil, beeswax, cayenne extract, ginger extract, cardamom oil, lemongrass oil, rosemary oil, ropse hip extract, sage extract, thyme oil.


KIRA Sports Tape

With the appropriate application technique it is possible to treat pain and movement-disability successfully with the tapingconcept. Due to the specific type of taping one achieves a stimulating effect of the bonded muscles, joints and lyphatic and nervous systems.


Sissel Fit Seat Cushion

With the ergonomically optimized shape a perfect combination of active sitting and excellent comfort is achieved.



Xtube is a unique training-tube-system which can be used for targeted muscle building, functional training and rehabilitaion. The handling is very simple.


Adatto Neck Pillow with System

The advantage of Adatto lies in its rich variety: height and hardness of the cushion-system can be indiviually adapted  with different inserts (Elastic, flexible natural latex core + removable cover made of natural cotton).

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