Hip, knee, foot

Radiating pain in the leg and back

Local and radiating pains in the leg can be for exmaple caused by coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis or other rheumatic diseases such as chondropathia patellae.

Also pain radiating from the back, sacroiliac joint and of certain chest muscles may be recognized in the region of the hips, tighs, buttocks on the way down to the knees and feet.


The most common diseaes in the area of the foot are different tendinopathies (for example achilles tendinopathy, peroneal tendinopathy), sprains or fractures of the ankle joint and arthritis in the ankle or in the toe joints are also frequently encountered. These complaints can be treated with physiotherapy, trigger point therapy, dry needling, MTT, Kinesio-Tape, balance training and electrotherapy.