Low-back pain

Back Pain

Lower back pains are common complaints in the population. Very often they lead to absence from work or even to the complete inability to work.

Often, the symptoms disappear spontaneously after a few days and in many cases, treatment with pain drugs combined with rest and relaxation execises, are sufficient to eliminate the symptoms. If the back pains last for severals days or restricts you in your everyday life, we recommend a physical therapy diagnosis and an appropriate treatment. Your therapist will discuss the possible treatments with you and sets the therapy goals with you.

Chest Pain

Very rare disc herniation (slipped disc) are in the thoracic spine. The majority of medial conditions are caused in this are by the costovertebral joints.

These pains often result from movement and breathing and can reach a high pain intensity. Muscular tensions in this area can also cause severe pain, which remain locally or can radiare very far.


These symptoms can be treated with manual therapy, physiotherapy, muscle balance, electrotherapy and MTT.

Respiratory symptoms often develop in progressiv chronic lung diseases. The longer a disease existes, the more severe respiratoy symptoms appear.
Regular breathing exercises and the learning of self-management are priority objectives in the physiotherapy treatment.