Chondropathy is the generic term for pathological changes of the articular cartilage. Such changes may result from a variety of causes. They can be (post-)traumatic, degenerative or inflammatory.

  • Grade 0: (normal) healthy cartilage
  • Grade 1: the cartilage has a soft spot or blisters
  • Grade 2: visible minor cracks in the cartilage
  • Grade 3: damage (lesions) have left deep cracks (more than 50% of the cartilage layer)
  • Grade 4: the crack shows the underlying cartilage (subchondral) bone

Especially in grades 0-2 physiotherapy can show a major positive impact on the condition of the cartilage, but also in the later stages it is possible to alleviate the symptoms well with physiotherapy interventions and specific exercises.

The most common form of the chondropathy is Chondropathy patellae, also called femoropattelar pain syndrome, which is positioned between the patella and knee joint. Most commonly young people are affected by these symptoms. They can be easily targeted with training therapy (MTT) and manual therapy treatmeant, a reduction of the symptoms to the complete absence of these is possible.