Tinnitus comes from the Latin “tinnire”, which means ringing. It is reffered to any type of tinnitus or head noise.

We distinguish between:

  • Objective tinnitus: the sound source (for example blood flow of vascular anomaly) is within the body.
  • Subjective tinnitus: only the person can perceive the tinnitus, because there is no internal source. This tinnitus is often caused by a strong tension in the neck and throat muscles, reduced mobility or blockage of the upper head joint, jaw dysfunction, tension of facial muscles or tension of nervous structures.
  • The tinnitus is classified according to duration in acute (up to 3 months), subacute (> 3 to 12 months) and chronic (> 12 months).

With physiotherapy, craniosacral therapy and manual therapy sometimes the tinnitus can be resolved completely or reduced partielly. A consultation with a neck and throat specialist will help you.