Impingement (entrapment)

The Impingement Syndrome refers to shoulder pains that develop because of an entrapment between the humeral and the acromion. Since there is a inherently certain narrowness, it can lead to a chronic irritation of the tnedons and the bursa in this region.

When these structures are overstresses, for example when doing repetitive work (cleaning the windows, painting walls, playing the violin), an Impingement syndrome can develop. Also accidents involving an overstretch of the shoulder’s muscles, falls directly on the shoulder or similar events sometimes lead to a development of the Impingement Syndrome.

The Impingement Syndrom causes pain in the shoulder joint, they can radiate even to the hand. It is very important that your therapist examines the painful shoulder in detail and creates an appropiate treatment plan, which dedicates at best the limited joint mobility, relives the pain and includes a specific muscle training. The treatment of the shoulder impingement can take from several weeks to several month.